Relapse Journey

Day 1: Relapse

Team Bella: Update

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I need to revise my previous post Re: Bella.

Following our oncology review today we were later called back in to RCH to be given the devastating news that our precious Bella had relapsed.

In the coming week the team will conduct more blood tests . She will also do a BMA (Bone marrow aspirate to check for min. residual disease (MRD) . We will need to go through induction (1st stage of ALL treatment -intense chemotherapy) & doctors will assess which treatment protocol they will take thereafter. If she is in remission by the end of induction, then it is probable Bella will continue down the chemo arm. If she doesn’t respond well to the chemo, then she may need to consider targeted therapy/bone marrow transplant (BMT).

We will kick cancer’s butt once again because Bella is a little warrior! She will have the combined strength, power of positivity behind her from an unwavering army of love & support, our family & friends.

Team Bella : Never give up!!!

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