Relapse Journey

Feeling Thankful

Mind blowing! So we are HOME. Discharged yesterday. 😊

Alie (RCH) coordinator comes to Bella’s room & tells me, “I need to have a chat with you Vanie”. I thought it was about Bella’s counts but she said, “How do you feel about going home?”

My brain synapses started to go into overdrive-wow. Home. So naturally my response was after 28 days of Bella being confined to the oncology ward, ” Really?? Bloody oath, I want to go home!!” 😂😂 LOL

I was initially apprehensive though because Bella is actually still neutropenic. Zero counts. Hence my surprise at being allowed to go home. 😉 RCH usually only discharge patients with a 0.2 neutrophil count. She has none. But overall, Bella’s marrow appeared to be stable & not too suppressed following 2 weeks of induction. Her platelets & haemoglobin is holding. RCH understands how long term stays can have a huge impact on their patients & family-mentally.

So she provided me with Bella’s care plan. Two whole weeks at home (Woot! Woot!) before we commence the next gruelling phase of treatment.

I also bumped into our consultant oncologist Rachel who gave me a big hug in the corridor. She said after a brief chat, you (Bella) will go to transplant. I appreciated her honesty. I’d rather have these 2 weeks at home to psych myself up & care for Bella & be PREPARED for our next intense treatment phase.

When we arrived home the most excited person was Olivia. Bella was spot on. She understands her little sister so well. As soon as she knew we were were going to be discharged, she said, “Mummy, Olivia is going to be so excited”.

When Olivia came through the door, she was beyond happy! Hugging Bella & I. Making the funniest facial expressions & saying, “Oh my Gawd. I can’t believe you are home!”

This journey. What a roller coaster ride of emotions. It teaches you so much.

Family. United as one. My everything.

Team Bella: Never give up!

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