Relapse Journey


Back ED. Bella febrile neutropenia this morning spiking at 37.6 degrees.🤒😷 As soon as she hit’s 37 Alie had advised us to bring her back in due to Bella still being in the high risk phase of re-induction. Her port may be infected. It’s looking red & raised. Doctors may rest it & are putting in a canula to administer ceftazidime & vancomycine (broad spectrum antibiotics).

She is looking very miserable & is very flat (extreme fatigue) at the moment. Abdominal pain, headache, zero apetite & won’t even drink H2O & has nausea. The usual oncology symptoms.😦

But, we really enjoyed every minute of being home (even though it only lasted 2 days!)😄

Team Bella : Just riding that roller coaster, coz that’s what we do! 💪👍👊


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