Relapse Journey

Abbey Solo

“I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say because of you I didn’t give up”. Anonymous.

It was written in our stars that Team Bella were meant to cross paths with the Solo family (Malia, Solo, Abbeygael, Jasmine & Joshua) -Team Abstar. Your family provided us with love, guidance & strength in the face of adversity.

Maria Solo, I am so grateful that Merridy had introduced us in that kitchen on our first day in RCH 28/3/14. You were the first mum & then family whom we met when we arrived on Kookaburra ward following initial diagnosis. You guided me through the overwhelming week which was the toughest.

Team Bella hopes to provide that same wisdom of experience, guiding light to any of our fellow oncology families who ever need our support.

On this cancer journey, which is often so challenging, requires one to build oncology connections. As we travel this treacherous road together-as one family. United. Strength in numbers I say.👊💪

Love you Abstar our beautiful, precious angel 😇 You are Team Bella’s guiding light as we travel through our relapse journey.👣👣👣👣 We know you are watching over us. We love & miss you💚.

Team Bella: Never give up!

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PURCHASE TICKETS A+ Abbey Solo Foundation A+ Abbey Solo Foundation To honour Abbey Solo A+ (A positive) not only signifies her blood type but also represents her positive attitude towards life and particularly life’s challenges. She was an inspiring young girl, full of wisdom and empathy beyond her years. Her compassion, positivity and generosity of …


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