Relapse Journey

Day 33: Surgery

Update on Bella: Day 33 ALL, Relapse
Surgery: Infected portacath removed

We went into theatre at 10.30am this morning to have the infected port removed. Yay! She came out at 12.30pm. The surgery went well. But she was tachycardic post theatre, so they kept her in for review. Just to ensure no bleedout occured to explain the abnormal high heart rate. (Bleeding could have occured as a result of the removal of the portacath).They also did a chest x-ray (at her bedside with mobile x-ray machine). Pretty cool I thought! Nurses gave her a saline bolus & thankfully her heart rate stabilised & we returned to the ward. She is now sleeping off the GA & recovering.

Surgeons had intended to insert a periphal piccline but they couldn’t get a vien. So they ran a peripheral from her foot. Now she has two, one arm & one foot peripheral. 😊

Next week, she will have the BMA to obtain the MRD result following the end of re-induction. Regardless of the result, Bella will go to transplant.

The following 1.5 wk will be counts recovery (no chemo) to allow her body to recover before the next big chemo cycle.😨😵

She is resting & doing well! Thank you for everyone’s love & prayers.

Team Bella: Never give up! 💚💙💜

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