Relapse Journey

Day 37: The poo & wee dance

Team Bella update: Day 37, ALL Standard Relapse

Some good news finally! So, the oedema (Inflammation /water retention) & urine retention has subsided (with lots of help from the administration of albumin & ferosemide) over the past 24hrs. Bella has now expelled most of the fluid from her body. 1L to go. Today’s weight 18.7kg. She’s starting to become more alert but still very flat/ lethargic following a challenging week..

Constipation/distended abdomen/abdo pain – has also improved as her bowels opened 6 times! I have requested she come off the morphine bolus as it was having too many side effects (i.e constipation, urine rentention, making her doecile, bedridden, numbing everything etc). It still amazes me how much poop can come from such a tiny body!

When they are so unwell the muscle lining, villi in their gut just stops working effectively leading to constant constipation. To celebrate mum & aunties Elaine & Huong Huong did the poo & wee dance! Bella was not in the least bit impressed. 😂😂😂😂 Any oncology parent/ carer will appreciate our elation!

Bella’s counts are stable. Neutrophils are 0.5 (but these can be artificially inflated due to the dexmethosone -steriods). Hb 89. Platelets 38. She may need to transfuse over the weekend-so thank you to our blood donors out there! Team Bella you.

Overall, she is on the improve. Mum feels a little less stressed so I am going home for 1 night to spend some quality time with my Chibi & hubby Futoshi.

I understand so well why Bella would prefer me in there. She is scared. She isn’t being selfish by keeping me in with her-but she knows that I fully understand & I am in synch with her medical needs. She is so practical & intuitive beyond her 7 years. She thought about my request to spend one night home with Olivia & agreed. She knows her little sister also needs mummy. I am my way home now to surprise Chibi!

Team Bella: Kicking oedema & constipation out onto the curb.

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