Relapse Journey

Side effects

I remember taking this picture 7 years ago of Bella. We were on our way to the Box Hill Town Hall to attend the Japan Festival where my father-in-law works tirelessly, volunteering each year to put on a cultural extravaganza.

We stopped by at a small park to let Bella have a play on the swing. 💚💙

My hope is for her to one day be able to do this with her own children.

Today we have a gynecology appointment. Mixed feelings going in as I know years of toxic chemotherapy can have a detrimental affect on fertility & then her genetic material will change post transplant….

You don’t want to know what is going through my mind at the moment. 😣😔😱😨😟😞😦

Team Bella: Half cup full attitude. Perhaps surrogacy. Adoption. Things an oncology mum needs to think about simply because we are forced to.


Long & short term side effects….😣🤔😔

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