Relapse Journey

Day 71: Could go home!

Day 71: Pre-B ALL Standard Relapse

Team Bella potentially could go home in the coming days. Yay!

Before we can be discharged (potential discharge date Sun 4/6/17). Bella’s counts need to climb up over the next few days. Goal: neutrophils need to be at least 0.1. Currently neuts =0, Platelets =12, Hb=77, WCC=0.2 Her marrow is still hypocellular/suppressed. Homeward bound requires Bella to be weened entirely off TPN & her nutrition will switch over fully. Currently NGT feeds running @ 20 & TPN rate=25. We need the TPN to be zero. TPN is what is holding us back from discharge. It is too unstable a solution to run from home but everything else can be brought home (anti-medics, pain mgt meds, NGT feeds & constipation meds can all be administered by nurse mummy). 😉

Team Bella wrist bands have arrived! We changed the band colour to aqua- Bella’s favourite colour now. PM your address (if you live more than 20km from Derrimut) so I can mail it out to you.

Once you receive them pls take a pic of you wearing them or just the band placed somewhere 😉 & tag team Bella please!

Team Bella: Never give up! 💪👊

Love, light & hugs to ALL of our beautiful supporters! We can’t thank you enough. 😍😍😍

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