Relapse Journey

Day 113

Pre-B ALL Standard Relapse

Bella has now come off the International clinical trial for Standard ALL-Pre-B Relapse. We finished chemo cycle 11 & will complete the remainder of her Relapse treatment in transplant.

Bella’s body really struggled with the toxicity from Ara-C & the last chemo cycle. She suffered from inflammation of her secum (surgeons found air pockets in her colon) which they kept a close eye on as a rupture would cause havoc esp. an immunocompromised individual. Diagnosis: tifilitis. She also developed a hemoroid due to the side effects of chemo leading to constipation. Thankfully, she is on the mend now. The remainder of her relapse treatment will be done in transplant when she goes through pre-conditioning.

We have not had chemo in over 3 weeks. Bella struggled medically as her body was so deconditioned due to the affects of HD chemo. So she needed a little help. For 7 days, the nursing team gave her G-CSF (granulocyte colony stimulating factor). It was given via insulflon -daily subcutaneous injections.

G-CSF is a type of growth factor.

Growth factors are proteins made in the body and some of them make the bone marrow produce blood cells. G-CSF makes the bone marrow which produce white blood cells to reduce the risk of infection after chemotherapy.

G-CSF worked well to help stimulate Bella’s white cells thus, boosting her immunity. Her neutrophils rose up to 1.67 10/7. Once they stopped the injections, her neuts stabilised on 12/7/17 at 0.77 on their own. During this 4 week period, she has had 4 platelet & 3 haemoglobin transfusions. Yesterday they transfused her platelets prior to discharge but there was a delay as the Red Cross were once again short on platelet supply. 😔 So thank you to all of the blood donors out there!! Team Bella are forever grateful! 😍😍

We will be home for 12 days! With HIH (Hospital in Home) arriving Mon, Wed & Fri to administer Amphotericin B Liposomal (Ambisome). No, this is not the toxic version which caused the nephrotoxicity to Bella back in 2014!

Team Bella is going to enjoy much needed home life before going into transplant. I have placed her on a CLEAN diet (or lysteria free diet) to ensure she remains well prior to transplant.

Team Bella: Never give up! 👊👊💪💪

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