Relapse Journey

Day -2

Written 2nd August 2017

Team Bella: Update (post from yesterday 2/8/17 following my stem cell donation) I was so tired I fell asleep at 8pm). 😊

Day -2, Bella Rest Day (rest days 1-2 Aug) Mummy (Donor) Harvest Day, Transplant Ward, Pre-B ALL Standard Relapse

2/8/17 Stem Cell donation day for mummy. Yay! I was required to take G-CSF over 4 days (2 injections/day) to stimulate stem cell production in my bone marrow.

Some of the side effects (only temporary ) included migraines, nausea, tiredness, back pain & loss of appetite. But this doesn’t happen to all donors. I am just sharing my personal experience. Was it worth it?


Would I do it all over again if the Bone marrow donor registry contacted me as an UNRELATED DONOR?

Hell yeah! 😍

WHY? Because you give another human being the GIFT of LIFE. A second chance. How awesome does that feel & you don’t even need to be a SUPER HERO with SUPERHUMAN POWERS! 😉

As a donor, they took the stem cells from a peripheral in my arm. Very similar to the method of a plasma donation. No surgery required. No general anaesthesia needed either. 💪👍

So if you’re thinking of registering on the BMDR just do it! You can register via Australian Red Cross Blood Bank.

I would be so proud so stand beside you in our “group” of life savers. JuliaI’m in! 😉

Team Bella: Raising awareness because we BELIEVE in making a difference. Lives matter. We will conquer cancer!!!! 👊 👊 💪 💪 🎗🎗

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