Relapse Journey

Day +4

Team Bella: Update
Day +4, BMT, Pre-B ALL Relapse

Written 8th August 2017:

Bella ‘s physical health has been fairly stable post infusion of stem cells. We haven’t experienced GvHD & VOD or others infections yet, as it is still very early into engraftment. Some current issues we are dealing with includes severe nausea. She is vomiting around 8-10 times within a 24-hour period. It’s exhausting as she has nothing to throw up except bile & other gastric juices. She also has on-going headaches & abdominal pain.

Bella is currently on TPN 40% & NG (nasogastric/trophic feeds) which we reduced to a 2ml/hr trickle, to maintain gut function.

She is on her usual prophylactic meds, analgesia, anti-medics in addition to immunosuppressent medication(cyclosporin & mycophenolate).

Bella still has an appetite, but when she eats, it often doesn’t stay down due to the copious amounts of medicines she is on. Tonight she asked for udon noodles & stewed peaches. She threw both up. Then later tonight, she was still hungry and asked for cheese, smoked salmon dip & milk tea. She’s managed to keep these down so far!

Mental health wise, she has become slightly withdrawn. Wearing her hospital in-patient suit on. Due to the location, our room does not receive any sunlight at all (it is situated in the corner/end of the building’s corridor). This is quite depressing when Bella cannot leave her room! Bella ends up staying on her bed most of the day.

Thank you for having Bella in your thoughts & prayers.

Team Bella: Never give up!

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