Relapse Journey

Day +6

Written 9th August 2017:

Team Bella: Update

Day +6 , BMT, Pre-B ALL Standard Relapse

Bella’s mood & stamina improved slightly following a double transfusion of both Hb (haemoglobin ) & platelets. Both will help her body to heal & recover. 😊 Her nausea has decreased & she feels more energetic.

Thank you to my beautiful twinsters Huong & Elaine who have been taking care of Bella whilst I run errands & get some reprieve during the day.

This journey, in my experience is unceasingly INTENSE.

Perhaps that’s the reason why I expressed how I am constantly exhausted mentally, physically & emotionally. All onc parents & carers would probably agree with me.😫

None of what we go through is a CHOICE. But how you CHOOSE to handle your journey can make a huge difference to your family, & inevitably, your overall health & well-being. This is a small window into how we choose to handle ours…

Yesterday, I was able to plan time to drive back to my mum’s to spend much needed special time, with Olivia. It had been 3 whole days since I last saw her (Sat).

She was at school so I planned to meet her at mum’s. My mum greeted me at the door & told me immediately, “You should go check your bed. Olivia’s been creative.”🤔

So I ran upstairs & checked our bed. I lifted the doona covers & there lay a “dummy” me. Yes, my Olivia had made a doll of me in human-sized form because she missed me. She missed me just as much as I had missed her. 😢😭

She took the flannel pajamas I had slept in, from last Wed when I came home to rest/recover (1 night) following my stem cell harvesting. She told me she didn’t want daddy to wash them because it wouldn’t smell like me. 😣

I was very impressed with her creativity. She was on the right pathway at 6yr old if she intended to do Sci @ uni… She had already informed me a month into Bella’s relapse journey thst she wanted to become a scientist. I asked her why?? She responded with, “I would be CLONING you mum.”

She later quipped, “I will be keeping the real mummy, Bella can have the clone.” 😂😂😂😂

Siblings are often required to stand by the curb. Waiting until they can hop back onto the family band wagon after one wheel has fallen off. 😯 It is exceptionally disruptive to their little lives (no matter how old they are). So we must as parents, carers continue to nurture their tender little hearts & minds. For our family, Olivia has made huge sacrifices in her very short 6 years. During this period alone, in relapse she has only had me home ~30 days to sleep & today is day 140 since relapse date (23/3/17).

But I am so proud of how she has tried to cope during this journey. I also know that our little Olivia has become more resilient, creative & grateful because of our cancer journey. She just cannot wait until Bella recovers so that she can have the real me back next to her. 😘😁

Thank you everyone who continues to have Bella in your thoughts & prayers. Thank you to all the Red Cross Blood Donors too!!! 👏👏👏👏

Team Bella : Casualties of cancer- siblings. Doing it tough, but we are built tougher! 😊💪💪👍👍 🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗

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