Relapse Journey

Day +13

Team Bella: Update
Pre-B, ALL Relapse, BMT Day +13

I hope everyone is well! Bella had a lovely birthday over the wkend (but it wasn’t the same without Olivia by her side 😢). That night she asked me to let her watch videos of Olivia on See-Saw an online teaching app which loads their in-class learning so that parents can interact & observe. Poor thing they miss eachother so much! 😢

The back yard is progressing well. Astro turf laid down today. It looks AMAZING! Plants are going in this weekend. Saturday we will also paint the kids’ room. Thank you so much to EVERYONE who supported our Fundraiser! Everything is coming together! 😍

Just to clarify, Bella is officially my “hybrid” child. Once she engrafts my stem cells @ least 90% engraftment at around day +30, she will have mix-chimerism. The word ‘Chimeric’ is derived from Greek mythology (head of lion, body of goat, tail of serpent ). That is to say, Bella is now genetically mixed.

Bella’s peripheral (i.e bloods) will contain the majority of my stem cells (min 90%) but also traces of her own marrow. If she did a blood test, both her & my blood cells will come up in the blood test, DNA wise.

Essentially, her centralised DNA will still be her own. For e.g if we took a saliva test/swab, the DNA would be hers.

So, in a criminal investigation, you would have to perform both types of exams to rule out who was actually at the scene of the crime-her or me! Let’s hope she stays on the right side of the law! 😂😂😂 Otherwise I could be incriminated!

Is that cool or what? It blows my mind. 🤔😱😱

If she ticks all medical requirements we are looking at discharge date around day +30 or during/after that week. It’s only 2-3 wks away! Today we are sort of half way there, day +13 post BMT.

She is in good spirits. Struggling to control nausea at the moment. Last night & most of yesterday, she vomited. But I am hopeful with a Hb/platelet transfusion today & tomorrow, it should subdue her nausea & give her much more energy. She is also experiencing abdo pain & headaches but overall, she is traveling as well as can be. We didn’t /haven’t experienced mucositis or any signs of VOD or GvHD so fingers crossed that we will just by-pass these symptoms!

Her little body is working it’s butt off engrafting, but she is a little fighter! So we hope for a full recovery & cure soon!

Team Bella: So close to the finish line!

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