Relapse Journey

Drumroll!… BMT #2, Day +11


Bella pictured today : Day +11= engraftment begins!

Today we received the BEST news imaginable: Bella ENGRAFTED!! Wow…how do I describe the feeling as her mum, carer & advocate -EUROPHORIC?? 😊😁 When I heard the news from our oncologist, I felt like a concrete pylon had been lifted from my shoulders. Finally: good news!!! I could breath again…with more certainty that we might just make it through this arduous journey….

It’s been such a long time coming. 😫 Bella has endured so much to reach this point-so we are so grateful to be able to share this wonderful news with you all!

Even when Bella started experiencing severe pain in her long bones ( starting 2 days ago), down her legs etc I was cautious & just quietly confident that her body was possibly exhibiting early signs of engraftment syndrome.

So, here are the results: with lots of help from GCSF (granulocyte colony stimulating factor) Bella’s blood results are:

WCC= 0.7
Neutrophils = 0.08

We can expect quite a bumpy ride over the coming weeks as Bella’s body adjusts to engrafting daddy’s Futoshi’s stem cells to become her own bone marrow. 😄

The haemophagic cystitis has improved thank goodness! The main issue Bella is struggling with is pain. I have met with both the Palliative care & Anaesthesia care teams to put together a more comprehensive support plan to better manage Bella’s pain.

At this stage in her journey, having gone through 2 BMTs back-to-back, Bella’s pain is complex & sometimes takes a lot longer for some analgesia to become effective.

Our family are so grateful for the love, support& prayers from all of our family& friends. We know this post will bring lots smiles all around! 😉😁

Team Bella : 2nd chances, new life. Bring it!!!Never give up! 💪 👊 😆😆

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