Relapse Journey

Day +17, BMT #2

Painting – Bella’s Favourite thing to do!

Team Bella Update:
Day +17, BMT # 2, Relapse Pre-B ALL (high risk), 204 days since relapse.

It’s been just under 1 week since Bella first showed signs of engraftment. We initially received news of 0.07 neuts last Sat. Then since then, Bella’s marrow has been doing well remaining quite stable today with the following results: neutrophils 5.86, WCC=10.1, Hb= 108, & Platelets = 61. This demonstrates that her marrow is producing it’s own cells (slowly). We haven’t needed to tranfuse blood products as often.🤗👍

Bella is making slow but steady progress. 😊 Her gut is still very neutropenic & causes much abdominal cramping & pain for her. Her cyctistis has all but cleared. Leg/bone pain persistent. The Steriod Induced Diabetes has also improved. With the exception of today, where her blood sugar level had elevated, so she needed an insulin injection.

We are early into our transplant countdown. BMT calendar observes a patient post 100 days (from cell day). This time frame provides doctors with a good indication of how well the transplant has worked.

So at day +30, 60 & 90 patients undergo a BMA to obtain the chimerism (engraftment ) %.

Bella is still dealing with pain associated with her engraftment, a deconditioned gut & body. She spends much of the morning sleeping in & is still only capable of passive activities.

I can see her progress as ‘small’ daily steps. 😍But it all counts. She has endured much esp over the past 7 months! So, we will start physio related activities next week. Excercises to strengthen her muscles as 11 weeks of being confined to your bed can have a huge impact on your physical stamina.

The amazing thing about being in the transplant ward is the comeraderie you can develop with other BMT families. We become one big BMT family/unit. It’s different compared to outside on the oncology ward. Outside, you are free to invite different visitors daily. Inside, you co-exist within a bubble. Interactions with fewer people. There’s is a sense of calmess. Quietness. You get used to it after such a long stay! But you are so deeply grateful for the connection because we provide support to one another. We get what the other feels. It’s all part of this incredible journey which can be both heart-breaking but also triumphant & inspiring! 😊💪💪

Team Bella: Nearly at the finish line. One day at a time. Resolute & we Never ever give up! 💪 👊

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