Relapse Journey

Day +29, BMT #2. Day 216 since relapse.


Team Bella Update:
Day +29 Post BMT #2 (Standard relapse), Pre B , ALL High Risk, Day 216 since Relapse.

Yesterday, RCH launched the Song Book. Bella along with other patients collaborated in creating this book♪♫. The Education Institute is State funded, in-house educational system. We are grateful to have access to this learning especially, when your child is admitted for an extended stay (week 13 this week for Bella).😱

Daily, Bella’s teacher will come into our room for 1hr to engage her in learning. As you can appreciate, incorporating school work within a clinical environment when patients often don’t feel great, can be very challenging at the best of times.😩 But our kids amaze us, with their resilience and they soldier on to work with their teachers through their gruelling treatment. Even if it’s just for 1hr. 😊

We feel honoured that Bella has contributed to several books printed via RCH over the duration of her hospital stays. Inpatient life is arduous, but it can also be rewarding too! Experiences like this will provide Bella with a lifetime of memorable moments which don’t neccessarily have to be negative, but rather uplifting/ inspiring!

Tomorrow Bella will go under GA in theatre. It will involve a BMA & surgeons will take tissue to obtain her chimerism (engraftment) results. Team Bella are nervous & excited in anticipation of our results which will take 1-2 the meantime, her counts are all holding except for a slight drop in neutrophils which is perfectly normal.

“Reach for the stars & make your own constellation my darling Bella. There is an infinite number out there, so don’t just settle.. Sometimes the stars that glow the brightest are furthest away. They’re the ones you want.”
(Partly borrowed from Pharell Williams)

Team Bella : Don’t do easy. Where’s the fun in that? Never give up! 🎗

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