Relapse Journey

Dancing through a Revolving Door

Team Bella Update:
Pre-B ALL (high risk), Standard Relapse, Post BMT #2, Day +49.

Team Bella dancing through RCH’s revolving door….

It’s been a huge roller-coaster fortnight for Team Bella. Discharged last Wednesday 10/11, day oncology review on Friday 12/11 & emergency department (ED) by Saturday 13/11.

Bella spiked a temp at 38.2 degrees so following protocol, we came into RCH. Olivia was devastated when she saw me reach for the thermometer. Face forelorn, she uttered, “But mummy, you’ve only just been back three days!!”

We came into ED & Bella’s perma-cath was re-accessed where she was given Flucloxacillin & Ceftazidime (antibacterials). Apparently, there is a worldwide shortage of Tazocin (the broad spectrum antibiotic we usually take).

Getting Ready to Leave the Royal Children’s Hospital

Bella’s bloods have been cultured daily & thankfully have shown to be negative for infections since admission. She has also been afebrile since admission.

We saw the consultant today, late afternoon & Di advised us Bella could go home tomorrow! Yay! Shortest admission in 7 months! Only 3 nights?? Unheard of for Team Bella. Our previous admissions ranged from 42, 64 & 108 days so this was a welcome downward trend.

Bella’s Steriod Induced Diabetes is slowly getting under control. Endincrinlogy have further reduced her Lantis dose to 3 which has been a great. Something I have requested for the past month as the insulin has been causing the hypoglycemic episodes for Bella. Hopefully, the diabetes will resolve over time.

Three days of coming together as a family was just amazing. You don’t take anything for granted. We realise being ~+50 day post BMT places Bella in a high risk category. So we are not taking any chances.

Team Bella: Over the moon about our discharge tomorrow.

Sisters reunited soon.

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