Relapse Journey

Making Happy New Memories: Post BMT #2, Day +74.

Team Bella Update:

Pre-B, ALL (high risk), Standard Relapse, Post BMT #2, Day +74.

It’s hard to imagine the joy one feels at reclaiming your life. Childhood cancer had robbed our family of everything we viewed as normality. But we’re bringing it back.

A fortnight ago Bella went in to theatre for her day +60 Chimerism & LP procedures. We are so pleased to share the good news with you all that the engraftment is still going strong & the chimerism result was 99.3%. Woot! Woot! So essentially Bella’s marrow is all papa Futoshi’s healthy both marrow.

Bella has not required any blood products either to date, since the transplant! The only concern we are dealing with is her liver function. So Dr François has stopped Voriconozole (antifungal) medication which can impair a patient’s liver function. Hence we’ve replaced the antifungal with with Fluconozole.

Other good news includes the end of Insulin Induced Diabetes! Bella’s pancreas is coping well & recovered enough to regulate her blood sugar levels independently. No more injections or finger pricks!! Whoohoo!

With her health slowly improving each day, we’ve been able to reduce her medications upon the doctor’s advice. Only 4-6 meds required at any one time.

We are just enjoying home life & simply being in one another’s company. It’s not always smooth sailing, but that’s to be expected after our family was forced to separate due to Bella’s treatment. It’s been challenging for our little pocket rocket Olivia. Hopefully over time, the dust should settle.

Thank you to everyone who has Bella in their thoughts & prayers. We are eternally grateful.

Team Bella: Making new happy memories.


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