Relapse Journey

Pre-B, ALL Standard Relapse Day +82.

Team Bella update:
Pre-B, ALL Standard Relapse Day +82.

On Thursday we attended a review at RCH. Dr Dave was really pleased with Bella’s progress. Currently no signs of GvHD, her weight had increased to 16.7kg & her liver function had improved after discontinued use of Voriconozole & Panadol. ALT down to 277, originally over +1000. Each day, Bella’s stamina improves & right now we’re just trying to help her put back on some weight through the nasogastric feeds! They run pretty much 24/7. She experiences nausea daily, so keeping down her medications & Peptamin Jnr feed can be quite challenging.

Dave also shared some other good news to inform us that after Christmas, we’ll move to weekly appointments instead of bi-weekly. Bella’s bloods are really good & her neutrophils are currently 2.10. Haemoglobin + platelets are also going strong.

As we near 2018, it allows me as a mum, carer & advocate to reflect on our 2017 journey. Relapse is so different compared to diagnosis. Both are equally traumatic, but in relapse it’s scarier because there are less options as we may have exhausted all treatment options. ┬áBut after each conversation we had with Bella’s oncology team, we kept it simple.

Giant Chess, anyone?
Giant Chess, anyone?


Surrounding ourselves in the positive energy, prayers & LOVE from our Team Bella supporters was invaluable. You know who you all are, so thank you deeply.

We are away for the weekend in the Yarra Valley to immerse ourselves in nature. It’s part of our de-tox regimen & sharing togetherness after our ordeal of 2017. We are so grateful for what we have.

Team Bella : Never give up!

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