Our Story

C.J Lewis once wrote,

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for extraordinary destiny”.

This is Team Bella & our journey…..



Our world came crashing down when Bella aged 4.5yr old was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia ALL (high risk). Meaning, the chance of relapse is high.

The roller coaster ride began as soon as we arrived at Royal Children’s Hospital via ambulance. That day, they accessed her to enable the doctors to commence chemotherapy immediately. Bella completed 2.3 years of chemo.

Unfortunately, it was not a cure for Bella.

She came in for a routine oncology review on 23/3/17, 5 days short of her 3yr anniversary since diagnosis. Since then, Bella has been battling her 2nd Relapse cancer journey. Yes, this journey has been traumatic for our family-both mentally & physically. But it has also taught us so much. Mainly the following two things:

RESILIENCE. To overcome obstacles in one’s life will help you through life.

AWARENESS about… Childhood Cancer. How it doesn’t discriminate age or race. We have met families with babies diagnosed at birth with a brain tumour. Teenagers battling leukaemia. Many children roaming in the oncology ward with ALL who all want the same outcome: to survive.

Bone Marrow Donor Registry

The registry needs more people to register due to lack of ethnic diversity on the international donor registry.

Blood donations

Oncology patients both adults & paediatric, children need this regularly as their marrow becomes suppressed due to the cancer, but also due to having the cytotoxic chemo which is saving their life, but can also have both short & long term side effects.

We are so grateful for the out-pouring of love & support for Bella during her cancer journey. The road ahead will be challenging as Bella needs to go to transplant in July. She will receive bone marrow from an unrelated donor in the US. For this we are so grateful. Not all of the children can go to BMT. In many instances it is a one in a million chance of finding a donor match. As C.S Lewis once said, “Hardships in life often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary life.”

This is the story of our journey and continued fight… #TeamBellaNeverGiveUp